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Dr. Ifland has been creating breakthroughs in recovery from food addiction from 1999 with her first popular book to 2018 when her textbook, Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery was released by CRC Press. She has been selected for her expertise by Oprah Winfrey Network, Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and US News and World Report.
She founded the online Addiction Reset Community (ARC) in 2018, www.foodaddictionreset.com. The Facebook group, ‘Food Addiction Education’ (2014) and www.foodaddictionresources.com (2014) provide free support. Reset Week is the first online live video program for withdrawal (2018). ARC Manager Training is a program training future Addiction Reset Community leaders (2020).

Dr. Ifland is the lead author of the first scholarly description of processed food addiction and definition of addictive foods. Dr. Ifland earned her PhD in addictive nutrition at Union Institute and University (2010); her MBA at Stanford Business School (1978) and her BA in Economics and Political Science at Oberlin College (1974). She currently resides in Seattle.



Andi Saitowitz is a passionate better-maker, helping humans flourish in life and work.

She is a business psychologist, global personal development strategist, transformational master coach and author of Rise & Shine Personal Development Journal. Andi works with individuals, leaders and teams in a wide range of businesses and organizations. Andi is the blessed mom of 3 awesome children and in her spare time loves reading, working out, sunset at the beach and coffee.

Andi is a certified member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), EMCC (European Coaching and Mentoring Council) and ABP (Association for Business Psychology)


Video: Diabetes Remission from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Despite a slowly growing understanding of the role of diet in the management of diabetes, the reality is that millions of people find it extremely difficult to implement and sustain the recommended dietary changes.

Sadly, for many people, eliminating harmful processed foods from their diet, or managing stress and creating healthy daily practices, is near impossible. Despite their best efforts, they are just not able to live a lifestyle that is conducive to long-term, holistic wellness and freedom from chronic illnesses.

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Rise & Shine Personal Development Journal

The book is all about you. Your definition of success, your dreams, your vision, your goals. You get to create what you want! It is highly personalized and enables you to focus on your past, present and future to paint a holistic picture of your path.

The book takes you on a journey of self discovery. It helps you clarify what's important to you, what you care about.... Without knowing these things, it's impossible to appreciate yourself and set goals you are passionate about.

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