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Karen has studied financial issues extensively from both the practical, behavioral and the emotional perspectives. At this point in her business “The Mindful Money Coach”, she’s worked with over 100 clients, helping them untangle their money issues and become much more effective in their work because of it. She believes that working with one’s relationship with money is more than just seeing your patterns and recurring behaviours around it. Money is a nexus that is the doorway into greater integration.

Karen studied Economics in her degree and has been certified by Deborah Price of the The Money Coaching Institute as a Certified Money Coach and a Couples Money Coach. She studied with Lynne Twist from the Soul of Money Institute, including Mastering your Money and Transforming your Life, and Lynne’s Fundraising from the Heart program.

Her real magic and superpowers come from studying with her spiritual teachers, Acariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei, for over 25 years. She and her partner Duncan live in conscious community at Clear Sky meditation all year around. They are dedicated to helping spiritual explorers integrate the material with the spiritual and the spiritual with the material.



Hello! My name is Jenimarie. I am passionate about assisting others to live healthier and happier lives because I understand what it means to be stuck in heartache and fear, to feel the devastation of betrayal, and the crippling effects of self-doubt. I have gained valuable life skills that have not only helped myself, but others come from a place of brokenness to wholeness. If this speaks to you, I would love to assist you to do the same!


Complimentary Money Consultation

Your money archetypes are not your personality or “who you are”, but are symbolic metaphors that help us to understand our patterns and behaviors. Simply stated, they show us “where we are” so that we can become aware of, and change our unconscious behaviors. Archetypes are powerful “teachers” and “allies” since they inform us of where we need to grow. The gift explores what archetypes are been activated in your life currently.

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Inflammation Score

Learn the signs and symptoms of inflammation to discover where hidden inflammation might be lurking in your body and get your personal Inflammation Score!

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