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As a Master Manifestation Coach, Priestess Numerologist and Feng Shui Expert, Tonya does more than talking people through their problems and decorating their homes. With almost 10 years of coaching and working with people to enhance their environments, she’s obsessed with finding innovative new ways to help her clients work with energy, remove the limiting beliefs that hold them back and help them to access infinite possibility in ways that are exceedingly useful, effective, and easy to implement.

No matter what she is doing, her goal is simple - to help women rewrite their stories, claim their power, and fearlessly go after their dreams so they can get exactly what they want from life. She does this by teaching how to consciously create their lives by discovering their Soul Destiny Blueprint, learning how to apply the powerful Laws of Creation, and setting up their environments to fully support them in the creation process.

She practices a modern form of Feng Shui that is an offshoot of Pyramid Feng Shui which is all about the art of placement and the flow of energy in your space. Describing it as a practice of creative expansion and self-actualization, she emphasizes that in this modern school of Feng Shui there are no complicated compass directions required. This form of Feng Shui is based on energy and intention. And while she does consider her practice to have spiritual components, at its core it is based on sound science



There is a sleeping giant in every human. Brian’s purpose in life is to awaken those giants within and turn them into legends by helping them grab what they believe is just out of their grasp. Brian is a heart surgeon without a blade. He does not start outside with what you need to DO, he starts inside with who you ARE. In a world that is disconnected, Brian is revolutionizing how individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs deeply connect with their authentic selves to achieve the best version of themselves. At just 7 years old, Brian was faced with a traumatic injury that most of us can barely even imagine. He was run over by a truck and his left arm was severed from his body. After years of intensive rehabilitation and over 24 surgeries, Brian has a deep lived understanding of how physical, emotional, and mental pain can keep people buried, regardless of what their initial trauma was. His belief that everyone’s story is as important as his own is what makes him one of the most accessible, relatable, and authentic individuals you will ever meet.

As a human behavior and performance coach, speaker, and business strategist, Brian disrupts the normative approach on how to create sustainable growth and lasting change personally and professionally. His philosophies on "how to embrace pain to avoid suffering," "scanning the can," and "waste to wealth" have helped individuals and companies discover and activate their limitless potential. Brian and his team lead with intentionality as they are driven by their vision to impact over a billion lives as quickly as possible.


8 Steps to Conscious Creation

Join me on a powerful journey where you will learn how to consciously create a magical life. By learning and applying the 8 Steps to Conscious Creation, you will not only change your life, but you will change the way you see and interact with the world.

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