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Carol is the CEO of Covino Fitness and the creator of the Slim Stomach Solution and the Fit and Fierce Program for women over 50. She hosts the weekly podcast, Forever Fit with Carol Covino and is the author of Finding Purpose in the Pause: Your Guide to Thriving in Menopause and Beyond.

She is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, menopause fitness specialist, personal trainer, female metabolism coach, and an IF:45 (intermittent fasting) coach. Carol began her career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. At age 50 she experienced her own transformation from skinny marathon runner to national bikini bodybuilding competitor. Soon women began asking Carol to help them reach their fitness goals. She later opened a fitness and yoga studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Over the past decade she has helped thousands of midlife women to lose weight, build muscle, gain strength, and increase confidence. Now in her sixties, Carol is committed to globally changing the perception of age and menopause for women.



Michele Risa is CEO and Founder of Collaborative Solutions, Inc. in New York since 1991.

Today, she helps corporations turn talent into a competitive advantage and shift the work environment from contention to connection, resulting in holistic well-being.

She’s an expert in communication, stress management and the art of manifestation, helping corporations like Mastercard, Microsoft, and the New York Stock Exchange.

She is passionate about sustainable change, being an advocate for the natural balance of the masculine and feminine, as captured in her phrase, “Passion AND Compassion.”


30 Day Strong Core Challenge

A complete 30 day plan designed to build core strength and reduce excess belly fat.

  • 30 Days of Core Strengthening Exercises with modifications
  • Video demonstrations and detailed instructions for each exercise
  • My best nutritional tips for losing belly fat

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5-Step Guideline for Head & Heart

5-Step Guideline- your Daily Tool that rewires your brain and nourishes your heart in just 15 minutes.

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