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Lisa is a Doctor of Metaphysics & Divinity, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Munay Ki Shaman, Spiritual Entrepreneur Guide, Teacher and Intuitive. From childhood to present day, she has always been encouraged to operate energetically in a limitless manner. And because of that, as an Oracle to the Collective, she encourages all Lightworkers to do the same.

In 2020, she recognized a huge gap in the Spiritual, Transformational Leader Community and created Light Worker Academy(TM) under her Heart of Inspiration umbrella. HoI and its organizations all work together to support Lightworkers everywhere live prosperous, abundant lives while helping humanity on every level of Consciousness.



Elizabeth Yarnell is obsessed with inflammation. The hidden kind that is behind almost every symptom of pain, discomfort, emotion, or dysfunction and especially those symptoms that characterize autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders. The kind of chronic inflammation that can be challenging for medical doctors to understand or successfully manage. She’s an award-winning cookbook author, TEDx speaker, and patented inventor who frequently appears in online summits, on podcasts, and on live stages. Elizabeth was recently featured in the "Strange Pain" Docuseries alongside luminaries such as Dr. Tom O'Bryan.


The Quantum Life Bundle

The Quantum Life Bundle is designed to help you raise your vibrations and manifest your purpose. The bundle includes my interactive ebook titled "Living the Quantum Life", a 7-day meditation series called "Release From the Matrix", and a short online course to tie it all together The meditation series will guide you through various themes, such as setting up a foundation, healing chakras, becoming spirit-led through upper chakra healing, unlocking the higher self, and more.

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Inflammation Score

Learn the signs and symptoms of inflammation to discover where hidden inflammation might be lurking in your body and get your personal Inflammation Score!

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